Grobes AlpenSalz

Grobes AlpenSalz

Ideal for everyone who likes to take seasoning into their own hands: thanks to its coarse granulation, this AlpenSalz is especially suitable for salt mills or for use in a mortar. The practical, resealable bag is perfect for refilling salt mills and for salt storage. Our coarse Grobes Alpensalz is made from pure alpine brine and contains no anti-caking agents or additives. Iodine, fluoride, and folic acid are also not added.

Quality information:

Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSalz is an evaporated salt from pure alpine brine.


Evaporated salt

Available in a 500 g bag.

  • Nutrition table

    Since I contain neither iodine, fluoride, folic acid nor selenium I do not require a nutrition table.

  • Point of sale

    E-Center, Edeka (neukauf/aktiv), Feneberg, Globus, Klaas und Kock, Nah & gut, real,-, Tegut, V-Markt, Wasgau and in our online shop.

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