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Sustainability has been firmly anchored in our company philosophy for a long time. As an innovative salt manufacturer, we not only feel a commitment to good health but especially to environmental protection. This applies to products and projects as much as to the careful use of resources. Curious? We have summarised the main facts here.

Sustainability concerns us all

Accepting responsibility means thinking about the consequences of one’s own actions. Nowadays it also means advocating sustainability. After all, we all wish for a world worth living in – now and in future.

The highest product quality has always been a central concern for us. But what about the packaging? As Germany’s best-known salt brand we want to fulfil our responsibility here too.

We are therefore proud that more than 80% of Bad Reichenhall salt packets are packaged in cardboard which consists of renewable resources and can be recycled. We aim for all our packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025.

Our mission

In order to protect Nature and for the benefit of future generations, we are assuming responsibility by using sustainable packaging solutions. In doing this, we are supporting and promoting the recycling economy without impairing product protection and product quality.

Our guiding principles

We use paper whenever possible, plastic whenever necessary and glass if our market philosophy requires it.

Our packaging aims

By 2025, all our packaging will be recyclable or reusable.


100 % of the paper used for primary packaging originates from sustainable forestry.
Our outer packaging and secondary placement units which protect our products on the way to the shop and display them on-site already consist of 100 % recycled cardboard.


All our glass packaging is refillable and can be reused. We continue to use glass packaging for premium products.


We use only monomaterial packaging, i.e. packaging made of just one single kind of plastic. This can be recycled and re-used as recyclate for new plastic packaging. We avoid packaging material compositions which cannot be recycled. We consider the use of recyclate whenever possible.

We already guarantee today that

We produce more than 60 million units of salt packaging made of recyclable cardboard.

More than 85 % of our packaging consists of renewable raw materials from sustainable forestry

Our refillable packaging also makes a contribution to environmental protection.

Where we want to be by 2025

Our packaging is recyclable or reusable.

All paper
for primary packaging 
100 % from sustainable forestry.

100 % of our plastic packaging is made exclusively of monomaterial.

What else do we do?
Partnerships and projects

Ecological responsibility has many facets. In addition to our products and packaging we would also like to act sustainably in other areas or support projects we are enthusiastic about. Because any commitment for the future of our planet is important.

Collaboration with
Berchtesgaden National Park

There are many ways to protect our valuable countryside. Since our home area is especially important to us we are very happy to support Berchtesgaden National Park. This is Germany’s only national park which borders on the Alps. Apart from nature conservation, one of its main tasks is the protection of endangered species which include the golden eagle. A project to protect these majestic birds was initiated25 years ago. As part of this, their breeding behaviour was studied, their offspring observed and their safety taken care of.

Part of the proceeds from our Alpensaline products go towards this project. This means that those responsible have been able to buy spotting scopes in order to be able to better observe the “King of the skies” above the tree line. To find out more or join a guided tour, further information is available at www.nationalpark-berchtesgaden.de.

Our certificates

In addition to our guidelines and targets we also possess certifications which are an expression of our sustained quest for ecological efficiency.

ISO 14001

(certificate for an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system)

ISO 50001

(certificate for an ISO 50001-compliant energy management system)

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