Mittelgrobes Alpensalz

Mittelgrobes Alpensalz

Naturally pure salt with an age-old tradition.

Over 250 million years ago, the high peaks that today invite us to take time out and enjoy alpine activities were covered by the primordial ocean – the source of the huge salt deposit that has since been protected from all environmental influences deep inside the mountains. The mountain water slowly releases the salt from the rock, which we then process to create a salt of the highest purity and quality.

Quality information:

Our Alpensaline Grobes Alpensalz is obtained from pure natural brine in the traditional way and contains no anti-caking agents or additives.


Evaporated salt.

Available in a 1 kg box with a practical pour spout and in a 380 g canister.

  • Nutrition table

    Since I contain neither iodine, fluoride, folic acid nor selenium I do not require a nutrition table.

  • Point of sale

    380 g Dose:
    Edeka (Region Südwest), V-Markt and in our Online-Shop.

    1 kg Paket:
    Edeka (Region Südwest, Südbayern), Feneberg, Kaufland, V-Markt and in our Online-Shop.

    Please note that this list does not claim to be comprehensive. Sometimes products are unfortunately sold out. If you cannot find one of our products, please inquire at the business or contact us directly.

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