Salzblüten – Fleur de Sel der Alpen

Salzblüten – Fleur de Sel der Alpen

Fine enjoyment from the manufacturing process, scooped by hand

Elegant and extremely delicate crystalline structures characterize the Bad Reichenhall Salzblüten. What you typically know from the Mediterranean salt marshes, is created in our manufacturing facility by hand from pure natural brine, which has its origin deep in the heart of the Alps. For this reason, we also call our Salzblüten “Fleur de Sel der Alpen”. The 100% natural Salzblüten are traditionally scooped by hand from the evaporation pan and subsequently air dried. The characteristic salt crystals that form in the process have a unique taste and texture. Owing to their slow drying, they have very individual, delicate shapes and melt on the tongue. Due to their beautiful complexity and special purity, they convince every gourmet.

Bad Reichenhall Salzblüten are especially suited for refining and giving dishes the final touch and used as finger salt.

Quality information:

Our Bad Reichenhall Salzblüten are traditionally extracted from pure natural brine and contain neither anti-caking agents nor additives.


Pan salt.

Our environmental tip: The high-quality glass with natural cork can be sustainably reused at
home in many different ways.

  • Nutrition table

    Since I contain neither iodine, fluoride, folic acid nor selenium I do not require a nutrition table.

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