The finest salts and spices

Good things take time: Our delicious AlpenSalz was formed about 250 million years ago as the primordial ocean evaporated. Since then, it has been lying protected and untouched deep in the mountain rock. A true gift of nature!

Our valuable salt is obtained from pure alpine brine. This is formed when clear mountain water slowly releases the salt from the rock. It is the source of Bad Reichenhaller’s diverse salt creations. These include AlpenSalz varieties with and without the addition of vitamins and trace elements, aromatic seasoning salts and unique salt specialties for a variety of spice applications.


Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSalz has been a staple in almost every kitchen for generations and has always provided an intense seasoning aroma – no matter what dish was being prepared. In today's environmentally-conscious, balanced cuisine, our evaporated salts made from pure alpine brine deliver natural diversity and the perfect taste – with or without additives such as iodine, fluoride, folic acid and selenium.


10 g of salt for on-the-go: small canister, great taste. The practical mini-shaker for Bad Reichenhaller AlpenJodSalz is the perfect companion for all outdoor activities, indispensable on outdoor picnics, and a practical addition to any lunch box – for school or the office. Don’t leave home without the cute Ministreuer - salt to go!

Salzblüten – Fleur de Sel der Alpen

Scooped by hand and 100% natural: The Bad Reichenhaller Salzblüten are unique in their texture and delicate taste. Thanks to long and gentle drying, the salt crystals have very individual shapes and virtually melt on the tongue. Their special crystalline structure make them our “Fleur de Sel der Alpen”: A valuable premium salt for gourmets, sustainably packaged in glass and perfect to embellish a delicious meal.


Natural, regional, and traditional: Alpensaline builds on the longstanding tradition of salt production in Bad Reichenhall and revives it at the same time. The alpine salts are obtained from pure natural brine from the depths of the Alps and contain no anti-caking agents or additives. Our fine Edles AlpenSalz varieties are drawn by hand from a boiling pan like in the old days and then refined with organic herbs, organic spices, or organic blossoms (DE-ÖKO-006). These unique, natural manufactured products are used as finger salts and refine both hearty and fine cuisine. Filled in bottles, the pure natural brine becomes a special experience: as mild Sprühsalz it refines countless dishes with its fine mist and invites you to be creative!


Bad Reichenhaller GewürzSalz mixtures are not only practical, they are true all-rounders in the modern kitchen and make it easy for you to give a special touch to both hot and cold foods. Our AlpenJodSalz from pure alpine brine is refined with fine herbs and spices and, with the addition of iodine and the vitamin B folic acid, makes a valuable contribution to a balanced diet. Of course Bad Reichenhaller seasoning salts are gluten-free, vegan, and contain no added flavor enhancers or artificial aromas.

All our products are suitable for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets.
They contain neither flavor enhancers nor artificial aromas and comply with kosher and halal standards.


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