Throw in some enjoyment – onto your chips!

Bad Reichenhaller AlpenJodSalz (Alpine iodized salt) + folic acid with spicy paprika and delicious herbs: a tasty recipe, created in order to give the highly desirable deep-fried potato sticks that final touch. Of course, the PommesSalz doesn’t just provide chips with the right seasoning, but also wild potatoes. Good enough to eat!

Quality information:

The PommesSalz does not contain flavour enhancers, is gluten-free and is also suitable for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.


Evaporated salt, 19.2 % herbs and spices (paprika, onion, pepper, mace), separating agent calcium salts of fatty acids, folic acid, potassium iodate.
May contain traces of celery.

Available in 90 g and 300 g canisters.

  • Nutrition table

    Average nutritional valuesPer 100 gPer ortion (2 g)% reference quantity* per portion
    Energy278,6 kJ / 66,5 kcal5,57 kJ / 1,33 kcal0,07 %
    Fat1,7 g0,03 g0,05 %
    Saturated fatty acids0,3 g0,01 g0,03 %
    Carbohydrates8,2 g0,16 g0,06 %
    Sugar7,0 g0,14 g0,16 %
    Fiber3,8 g0,08 g 
    Protein2,7 g0,05 g0,11 %
    Salt79,2 g1,58 g26 %
    Vitamins and mineralsPer 100 gPer portion (2 g)
    Iodine1584 µg (1056 %**)32 µg (21 %**)
    Folic acid7920 µg (3960 %**)158 µg (79 %**)
    * Reference quantity for an average adult (8,400 kJ/2,000 kcal)
    **% of the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)
    The 300 g canister contains 150 portions of 2 g each.
    The 90 g canister contains 45 portions of 2 g each.
  • Information for consumers

    Allergens*, separating agent calcium salts of fatty acids, folic acid, potassium iodate

    *Allergen: May contain traces of celery.

  • Point of sale

    90 g canister:
    Diska, E-Center, Edeka, Feneberg, Globus, Herkules, Kaufland, Klaas und Kock, Markant, Marktkauf, Nah & gut, real,-, Rewe, Tegut, V-Markt, Wasgau and in our online shop.

    300 g canister:
    V-Markt and in our online shop.

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