Mühle Salz & Kräuter

Mühle Salz & Kräuter

A true jack-of-all-trades for every menu: our Grobes AlpenSalz with aromatic herbs can refine all your recipes, including soups, appetizers, and main dishes. And if salad comes into play, you’ve got just the right mill for the job.

Quality information:

The Mühle Salz & Kräuter contains no flavor enhancers, is gluten-free, and is also suitable for vegetarian and vegan cooking.


Evaporated salt, 50% herbs and spices (oregano, tomato, parsley, rosemary, chili, black pepper, bay, marjoram, dill).

Available in the 35 g refillable mill with ceramic grinder.

  • Nutrition table

    Since I contain neither fluoride nor folic acid, I do not require a nutrition table.

  • Point of sale

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